1082550_592135794164183_1702868952_oPeter Byrne is originally from Dublin, Ireland and started singing at an early age. He’s a self taught guitarist but his love of music started by listening to his father playing the piano.

Peter went to London in his 20’s and started his Band “The Reason” which leads him to talk to producers in the famous Abbey Road Studios. Not finding satisfaction he returned home to relocate in Galway, where he set up his ‘Glass Onion Band’ and played the Guinness Jazz Festival in Cork in 1998. While playing LIVE on Irish TV as well as on the BBC TV England, Peter Byrne and his Glass Onion Band took up a residency in the Quays Bar and LIVE Music Hall in Galway where he still plays 2 shows a week to a packed house every time.

Peter has done 5 “standing room only” tours of Europe since 2000. He has been invited to play the Cavern Club Liverpool (a great place where the Beatles started too.), by the owner Bill Heckle, after he has seen Peter Byrne and The Glass Onion Band performing live in the Quays.

In 2004 then Peter had a meeting with Joseph Guercio, who was Elvis Presley‘s band arranger in Las Vegas for 10 years and while he’s been on world tour with his Elvis show. Joe Guercio contacted Peter in Dublin after he heard

Elvis Prestley  Joe Guercio

Elvis Prestley Joe Guercio

Peter’s album ‘A Collection‘ in Nashville, saying that he thought it was heart felt, warm and passionate and that the song ‘Killing Time’ has touched him the most. Joe said, “I met Peter when I was in Ireland as musical director for ‘Elvis The Concert’. I was impressed when I heard the music he had written. Sensitive lyrics and flowing melodies along with a beat realy made me take notice.His music is well organized, he can write, he can sing and to me that spells success. Anything I can do to help just let me know.”

He said he would help promote Peter’s music, and true to his word, 7 month later, Peter was flown first class to Mexico to perform at an International Guitar Festival to share the stage with world renowned country & jazz artists such as Steve Travato from Los Angeles, Richard Smith, Jazz fusion, Songwriters Mark Selby and Tia Sellers and also Nick Vigarino (blues slide master) and Bebo Whitehead (Dr. Hooks guitarist). Peter is still in contact with these artists and the plan to go on tour with some of them in the near future is in the pipe line.

After he returned, Peter has been putting his songs together for his second album, which are getting rave reviews from the public everytime Peter plays them.

On St. Patricks Day in 2005 Peter went out on Boston Radio 107fm, Live from the Quays with two and a half million Pepole on their morning show an amazing number. Currently Peter is back in the USA to perform shows in New York and Boston, starting off on Nantucket Island starting on the 18th of August 2006.

“Beautiful Singer, Wonderful Album!” – Peter’s music has been broadcasted numerous time by Nicky Hayes of RTE 2FM on regular bases. A fan she became and so did John Richards of Galway Bay FM, where Peter has done live sessions and where Pete has been featured on one of their ‘Horizon’ Compilations Albums.

Currently Peter is seeking a manager/booking agency to take his music to a bigger audience or even to help securing a record/publishing deal.

In 2007 Peter and his band TGOB completed two tours of Poland culminating in a national TV appearance and a one hour special show on radio 3 Warsaw. In 2010 Peter returned to the US for two standing room only shows in Boston and appear again on Boston radio. In 2012 Peter had the pleasure of playing with Smokie as there special guest in the Olympia theatre ,Dublin. Between tours Peter continues his 17yr residency in the Quays Music Hall Galway Ireland every Thursday night to loyal fans playing songs from his first album “A Collection” and songs from his new record “State of Mind” (listed inside, soon to be recorded) plus all of Byrne’s favorite songs from the past..

Watch this space!!!


Peter Byrne is quite simply one of the most passionate, upliftingly enthusiastic musical souls I have ever met. He has a completely natural, unfettered and unassuming quality to every song he pens, and plays them as though it is the last time he’ll ever play them again. A remarkable musician in the grand singer/songwriter tradition with undeniable integrity. Absolutley NOT to be missed! Powerful.
Richard Smith , Recording Artist and Professor of Music

“Peter Byrne shined through like a diamond in Mexico at the Zihuatanjo International Guitar Festival 2005. I’d rather listen to him than play myself! His original songs knocked everyone out!”
Bebo Whitehead – Nashville TN 

” Love Song”… I can hear you singing with your soul through your heart. What a wonderful love song. I just adore your talent. Beautiful voice, and beautiful songs!! Wishing you the very best that life has to offer. Many blessings are coming your way. Be sure to listen with your heart to receive them. God bless”
Randee (Review on www.soundclick.com)

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